The Lange Family | Baby E

Ami was a great help to our birthing process. She was easy to contact and had stayed in communication as we neared our due date. She familiarized herself with our birthing goals/desires and had a very respectful and helpful attitude to everything we wanted to happen and we quickly felt like we had a real partner. During the birth she had a calming and relaxing presence and was able to help me advocate for the birth decisions I wanted as well as offer advice in a very stressful situation of changing hospitals during the first stage of labor. I highly recommend Ami and hope you choose her to be part of your birthing team!

- Emily Lange | Dec 4th, 2014

The Pound Family | Baby H

Ami was an asset to my brith team. She joined me at the hospital, where she jumped right in, providing emotional and physical support. It had felt like she was with me all along. Ami provided the encouragement that I needed, and always said the right thing at the right time. She calmed me down during the epidural and was great to have when pushing, as she was able to direct me and breath with me through my contractions. Ami stayed with me after the birth, to get breastfeeding established and was back to visit me and my new son the next day. I couldn't have asked for a better support person. I would highly recommend Ami as a doula!

- Heather Pound | Sept 14th, 2014


The Fox-Stein Family | Baby F

We were referred to Ami, and found her philosophy on birth aligned with our own. We contacted her only 3 weeks before our due date, but she was nevertheless very accommodating. From the first meeting forward, Ami was a delight to work with. She asked a lot of good questions to find out how she could best help us. For my husband and me, information relieves anxiety, and we told her that. When I thought I was having contractions in the middle of the night, she responded to texts within minutes and was at our house early the following morning. She helped us decide when to head to the hospital. Once we got there, she helped make sure every decision was made with care and thoughtfulness. Our birth experience progressed slowly throughout the entire day and into the next morning. In total, Ami spent almost 24 hours with us. I would recommend Ami to anyone looking for a doula, and we will certainly reach out to her again next time.

- Shira Fox | Aug 3rd, 2017


The Hanson Family | Baby J

Ami was amazing in providing me with knowledgeable support! I hired her quite late in my pregnancy after we moved to Minnesota in my third trimester. I struggled with prodromal labor but Ami supported me with tons of options for relief. She kept me mentally strong when I was frustrated about how things were going near the end of my pregnancy. I never felt like I was bothering her when I needed support; she was always quick to respond in a positive manner! When my water started leaking but labor wasn't starting on its own, Ami helped me come up with a plan of action that I was happy with! Once labor finally started and things progressed much faster than expected, Ami kept me calm and comfortable through the delivery of my son. I was on the fence about hiring a doula before hiring Ami but now I will tell everyone I know the importance of having a doula in your birth space after working with her!

- Mandy Hanson | Sept 21st, 2017


The Sheren-Mani Family | Baby G

I can't possibly recommend Ami enough! We worked with her for the birth of our first child, and from the start, Ami was a knowledgable, caring, and supportive presence on our team. My goal was for a natural, totally unmedicated birth experience, and Ami proved invaluable before, during, and after the birth. She was available via text, phone, and email for any and all questions, helping me navigate medical decisions (should I get rhogam? should I switch to a birth center?) and giving us practical advice for managing early labor.

During my 17-ish hours of labor, Ami was a constant and reassuring presence. I never once wondered where she was - every time I needed her it was as if she magically appeared by the tub or bedside. She brought along her birth ball for the triage room, and she helped to set the atmosphere with little electric tea lights. Ami is also a master of the hip squeeze, and this got me through the worst contractions. My partner and I planned this birth meticulously, using midwives, childbirth hypnosis, and laboring/pushing in water, but I can say with confidence that the best decision we made (of all those) was to go with Ami as our doula. At the end, our son was taken off to the NICU, and my husband was able to go with him while Ami stayed by my side. I was calm and reassured throughout that he would be just fine (and he was). 

At our first postpartum visit, she also brought the most delicious food, helped us recount our birth story, and just allowed for us to process everything that had happened. Ami has a deep curiousity about all things birth-related and a natural gift for supporting women (and partners) at this extremely vulnerable time. This makes her a phenomenal doula, and again, I recommend her to anyone, regardless of the kind of birth you are planning.

- Ila Sheren | Oct 2nd, 2017