Birth Doula

I am available for one complimentary interview upon your initial inquiry.
My doula fee covers two prenatal consultations, continuous labor support, and one postpartum follow-up meeting.



This includes supplemental childbirth education, providing you with tools to write your birth plan and understanding your birthing preferences. We will practice Spinning Babies and comfort measures for birth. We also discuss what to pack for your birth experience and when to call your doula. I am available to you at anytime by phone, text or email with any questions or concerns you may have leading up to your birth.


Labor Support

When you go into labor I will be available to you in your home or at your birthing location of choice. I will provide continuous emotional and physical support, including hands on comfort measures. I will help you advocate for your birth preferences and provide any information as needed.

After the birth of your baby, I will provide immediate postpartum support, including your first breastfeeding session.


Follow-up Meeting

I will follow up between three and seven days postpartum. In your postpartum meeting we will reflect and process your birth story. I will be there to see that you are adjusting well to motherhood and help with any breastfeeding concerns. I can answer any questions you may have, refer you to any postpartum resources you may need, and of course, see you and your new baby!

INVESTMent | $800 to $1000

 After your complimentary interview, I will hold your date for one week to decide if we are a good fit. If you decide to work with me as your doula, we will sign an agreement of services. After signing the contract and making a $400 deposit, I will then secure your guess date on my calendar. Your deposit will ensure that I am on-call for your birth. The remaining balance of $400-$800 is due within 30 days postpartum. I use a sliding fee as I feel it fits the nature of doula services better than a set dollar amount. This gives you an opportunity to reflect upon your birth experience, and determine the value of the services provided. If you have any questions or concerns about my fee structure, please reach out though my contact page!

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